NC, PDP caught in sticky situation

NC, PDP caught in sticky situation
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Spokesman of National Conference Junaid Azim Mattu quitting National Conference and announcing his decision to contest the forthcoming municipal polls from Srinagar could just be a beginning. There is every possibility about other NC and PDP leaders following the footsteps of Mattu.
Both National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party had announced to boycott the panchayat and municipal polls apparently to build pressure on New Delhi. Both the parties had asked New Delhi to assure them that Article 35A would be protected at any cost and the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir won’t be tinkered with.
The flamboyant NC spokesman, who till the recent past was considered to be as party’s face, seems to have provided a chance to other NC and PDP leaders to think about their future prospects.
Politicians know it very well that staying away from polls is not helping their cause and it’s pushing them away from New Delhi, where the ultimate power centre lies.
If others also start following the footsteps of Mattu it won’t be good news either for National Conference nor the PDP. It’s an open secret that since the day PDP led BJP government has fallen in Jammu and Kashmir many people are trying to engineer a split in both the Kashmir based parties. In fact PDP had almost split and PDP MLAs were at the brink of joining hands with the BJP to form the new dispensation in the state.
The BJP leaders from J&K’s state unit have gone on record to say that new dispensation would be at place after the panchayat and municipal polls end. PDP and NC would have to work hard to keep their flocks intact and stop their leaders from shifting loyalties.