Messy highway

Messy highway
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The Srinagar-Jammu highway has been in the news for wrong reasons again. The frequent traffic jams on the highway have become a routine.
Traffic Police which manages the traffic on the highway seems clueless about how to get rid of the mess on the highway.
The ongoing expansion of the highway from Banihal to Ramban has added to the woes of the commuters as the slight rainfall triggers landslides and leads to the highway getting blocked.
The commuting on the highway has become difficult. It seems that traffic department has not been able to formulate a comprehensive plan for the traffic management on the Srinagar- Jammu highway, which connects with the rest of the country.
The officials claim that the heavy vehicles i.e. trucks and other loaded vehicles are not allowed to ply everyday from both the sides. Highway is open for one-way traffic for the heavy vehicles. If HMVs don’t ply from both the sides then why there is so much of chaos and confusion on the highway?
There are allegations that the truckers who are in good books of the men in blue deployed on the highway are allowed to move one irrespective of whether the highway is open for one-way or two way traffic.
The construction agencies which are carrying on the expansion of the highway would have to expedite the work on the Ramban-Banihal stretch as the winter is not that far away. The advent of winter season would mean the expansion work of the highway would come to a halt due to inclement weather conditions. If construction companies fail to take care of the landslide prone areas so that highway doesn’t get blocked for days together in winters. It’s a difficult ask and winters could be tough.