Auction of Govt properties

Auction of Govt properties
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Aspiring contractors demand deletion of ‘unwarranted’ condition from the Govt Order

Srinagar, Sep 24: Directorate of Stationery and Officer Supplies, Jammu Kashmir Government has invited E-Tenders for appointment of Government Auctioneer for conducting auctions of Government properties with certain ‘unwarranted’ conditions, thus debarring common interested parties to participated in the auction proceedings.
Sources said that these harsh and unwarranted conditions have been put in place to give exclusive benefit to a blue eyed person.
One of the conditions is that: “the tenderer must have at least two years experience in the business of auctioneering.”
Pertinently, no such condition has ever been incorporated in any NIT issued by the said department till this year.
The aspiring tenderers said that by incorporating such unwarranted conditions is to benefit only a particular person to whom such contract stands allotted for the last four years. “He is the only person with experience and the new ironical order issued by Director Stationery and Printing Jammu Kashmir Government will simply bar freshers. This is injustice. It also implies that that only that person be able to make biddings,” they said adding that this is a clear violation to standing government orders.
They demanded the deletion of this what they term as unwarranted condition from the order to ensure large participation of bidders in the auction.
Director Stationery and Printing Jammu Kashmir Government was not available for comments, however, Joint Director said that they will omit this condition from the order if Governor Administration issues a circular in this regard. (CNS)