Take care of public sensitivities

Take care of public sensitivities
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Governor Satya Pal Malik has directed the district police chiefs in Jammu and Kashmir to take care of the public sensitivities while dealing with the law and order situations.
Prior to passing these directions to the police chiefs the Governor had said that families of the militants should not be harassed.
The appointment of Malik as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir came at a time when everyone was expecting that New Delhi would prefer a retired Army General or the former chief of some intelligence agency as the head of Jammu and Kashmir. On the contrary Delhi chose a soft politician.
Many people believe that New Delhi wants to rope in the people directly rather than depending upon the mainstream parties that have been active in Kashmir for the past seventy years.
Soon after Malik assumed office he asked the officials to gear up for Panchayat and municipal polls so that grass root workers of the political parties could be empowered.
The intentions of Governor Malik are clear that he wants to ensure that governance system improves in the state and the void which has been created between the Centre and the people is filled.
By asking the security agencies to take care of the sensitivities of the people, the Governor Malik has driven home a point that he wants to take everyone on the board and doesn’t approve the use of force against the common people. Now it’s for police and other security forces to ensure that directions of the Governor Malik are implemented in letter and spirit and the alienation among the people is addressed. In absence of political dispensation the officers on ground are the face of the government and they would have to ensure that they live upto the expectations of the masses.