Stock up health in your kitchen

Stock up health in your kitchen
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Having a mix and match of ingredients in the kitchen makes for a healthy and handy option. While most of us stock rice and lentils and other essentials like sugar, tea and coffee, there are other things too which can be easily stocked in the kitchen to make things simpler.
Pulses: There are different kinds of pulses which can be stocked. Using various pulses not only creates a balance in your diet, but also provides variation to your daily meal. Kidney beans, whole chana – green or brown are some the pulses to spruce your dinner or lunch.
Try different attas Rotis made from different atta also make for a healthy. Whole wheat atta is one option and there are other stuff like bajre ka atta (millet), jowar atta, Ragi which provide nutritive alternative to healthy living. Fresh veggies Health can’t be compromised. So try to pick some farm fresh green veggies and cook them
fresh instead of refrigerating them and using much later. Fresh veggies like spring onion, spring garlic, lettuce, spinach, fenugreek leaves always taste wonderful when cooked farm fresh.