Dilapidated condition of road irks people in Budgam

Dilapidated condition of road irks people in Budgam
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Raja Bilal

Budgam, Sep 20: The main support system of modern lifestyle, are turning into a major annoyance for people in Budgam. Many see commuting as a “great inconvenience” of their everyday life, in some cases even leading to accidents. It is official apathy or lackadaisical approach of government, several important road links of Budgam district are in dilapidated condition for a number of years which have become cause of plight for local residents.
Adv Inayat a local resident of Razwen said that the road from Soibugh to Beerwah is awaiting macadamization since it was half macadamized before couple of months. The road link is important and connects near about 50 villages to city outskirts from Sub Division Beerwah.
“Despite being an important road link we fail to understand why officials have never bothered to repair it. In absence of maintenance, the road has developed dangerous potholes causing immense inconvenience to commuters,” said Inayat.
He said that not only local residents, but transporters are up in arms against the administration for failing to repair the road stretch. “We pay taxes, but the government fails to provide quality roads,” said a sumo driver.
Mohd Altaf Mir a local resident of Chewdara Beerwah said that the authorities are not paying heed to our request of macadamization. He said whenever a VIP or senior officer have to pass through this road, the authorities sprinkle water on it but for us, they are not doing anything.”
“Many drivers simply refuse to take passengers on this road as it damages their vehicles and reduces the tyer life, even the shopkeepers in the whole area are complaining of slump in business due to dusty conditions, while our business had also suffered badly because of poor conditions of the road. We have developed chest complications due to dusty conditions,” said a local resident.
Despite repeated attempts Executive Engineer R&B Division Budgam could not be contacted.