CIBMS would help plug gaps along IB: BSF

CIBMS would help plug gaps along IB: BSF
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Jammu, Sep 16: The Border Security Force (BSF) said the comprehensive integrated border management system (CIBMS) would be effective in plugging the gaps along the International Border (IB) in Jammu and Kashmir to stop infiltration of militants from across the border.
The new technology has the capability to detect any type of movement, whether on the ground, water or below the ground, and help in better management of border security, BSF Additional Director General A K Sharma told reporters.
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the pilot project of the CIBMS, which the centre plans to implement along the 2600-km IB from Jammu and Kashmir to Assam.
Sharma said inclement weather conditions would have no impact on the new system.
“Whether it is a fog, floods or storm, when it becomes humanly difficult to detect movement, this system will help the BSF personnel to maintain vigil even during such situations,” he said.
“Two pilot projects covering five-km each along the IB in Jammu region have been completed and once the system is rolled out fully, it will make the border security foolproof,” Sharma said.
He said the BSF is using individual sensors for detection of activity along the borders for a very long time but the new system brought all these sensors together and linked these with communication system and command control centre.
“Where there is no border fencing like stream and ravines which we call as gaps, this system would be very effective in helping guard these places and plug these gaps,” Sharma said, adding fencing is a physical barrier and has its own role the CIBMS would be presently used as per requirement.
He said the system would help the BSF to pick up any type of movement, whether underwater or earth or whatever the condition, and accordingly the quick reaction teams would be launched to counter the threat.
Earlier, the BSF personnel used to act after physically monitoring the border but after the roll out of this system, the quick reactions teams would be launched immediately after any movement is detected without any delay.
“It will definitely have an impact as the monitoring will be done by the technology,” he said.
Asked about the effectiveness of the latest technology on tunnels which are being dug beneath the IB to push armed terrorists into the state, the BSF officer said this system has the capability to detect tunnel to a certain level beneath the ground.
“We have underground and underwater sensors under this system coupled with cameras and thermal imager,” he said, adding this system would help the force to work in a better way and efficient manner.