PDP crying over split milk

PDP crying over split milk
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After being left in lurch by its former ally Bharatiya Janata Party, former chief minister and president of Peoples Democratic Party Mehbooba Mufti has claimed that she would never ally with the saffron party in future.
BJP in June this year had pulled out from the coalition government led by the Peoples Democratic Party in Jammu and Kashmir. The saffron party ended the alliance without giving any prior notice to the PDP.
When PDP was sharing power with the BJP it used to swear by the Agenda of Alliance and had no complaints as such with its alliance partner.
After the alliance has ended Mehbooba has started claiming that joining hands with the BJP was a mistake and it ruined the credibility of her party.
The PDP is trying to regain the ground it lost by entering into an alliance with the BJP. All its leaders including the PDP President are trying to convey it to the people that they did whatever they could but the experiment failed.
Soon after the results of 2014 assembly elections were declared the common perception in Kashmir was that PDP should not ally with the BJP. Even the PDP activists had opposed the idea. Despite facing opposition PDP went ahead and joined hands with the BJP. Had PDP listened to the people who were opposing the idea of going ahead with BJP the PDP would not have been in a mess today.
PDP is back to square on and it would have to look for new ideas to woo the people again. For time being its on the back foot and it would have to tread a difficult path to rebuild its image and think about ruling J&K again.