Gulmarg without basic healthcare facility

Gulmarg without basic healthcare facility
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Arshad Farooq

Gulmarg, Sep 17: World Famous Gulmarg resort 40 KM from the capital Srinagar city has no advanced healthcare facility.
The resort which usually remains dotted with domestic and foreign tourists both in summer and winter season lacks a hospital and has a Primary Health Centre which is in tatters. The primary health centre at Gulmarg is in complete mess due to negligence of authorities.
This reporter was informed that the PHC lacks proper infrastructure and there is no doctor to cater the needs of local public and domestic and foreign tourists. The local populace are living in fears due to the dilapidated condition of the PHC building.
The locals said, “they fear and hesitate to entering the building”. People appealed authorities to take note of the grievances and address them on priority.
A hotelier while talking to this reporter said that “there is a good inflow of foreign tourists during winter season who basically come for skiing and over the years there have been numerous incidents with the tourists because of the avalanches. Many of the tourists have died. He further added that recently there was a mishap with the Gulmarg gondola. Incidents like such have negated the tall claims of government about their healthcare facilities in Gulmarg. For a minor incident the authorities have to ferry injured to hospitals in Srinagar.”
He said that being a tourist resort we have no facility here. He demanded that a full fledged hospital be opened in Gulmarg with all proper equipments to cater to the needs of tourists and local populace and the workers engaged here in different jobs.
He said that the government has failed to provide such a type of healthcare facility here. He said that all the high altitude winter resorts in foreign countries have basic emergency stations which includes hospitals, trauma Centres, fire stations, fuel stations but in Gulmarg we have nothing. He lamented the tall claims of government.
Locals requested the governor administration to take proper steps and ensure such facilities here. Pertinent to mention that the PHC at Gulmarg has just two doctors stationed there.