Hakeem Yaseen for joint struggle to restore pre-1953 position

Hakeem Yaseen for joint struggle to restore pre-1953 position
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Srinagar, Sep 13: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Yaseen has reiterating that there cannot be any alternate to elected local bodies institutions for equitable development at gross roots level but it was not advisable hold the proposed elections under the prevailing grim security situation in the state.
“Holding of long awaited local bodies was indeed in the overall socio-economic interests of the state but this exercise should not become the cause of fresh cycle of violence and killings of innocent civilians given the prevailing security situation, Hakeem Yaseen remarked while speaking at meeting of the Core Group of J&K PDF held at Party Head Quarter in Gagribal, Srinagar today. He said the prevailing grim security situation does not permit to go for conducting local bodies and Panchayat elections for the time being adding that it will be wise to wait for some time more in this regard in the overall interests of the people. He said PDF has already made it clear that elections in the state should be conducted as and when the security situation becomes conducive and congenial for this purpose. Moreover it was not advisable to undertake any democratic exercise when the state Legislature under suspended animation.
Referring to the ongoing controversy over Art.35-A, Hakeem Yaseen said that this Article was untouchable as it has a strong constitutional and legal basis and no power on earth can abrogate it.
Hakeem Yaseen said that tinkering with Art.35-A was constitutionally and legally impossible adding that some fringe elements, despite knowing well this fact, were still raising this issue just to get political mileage out of it.
The core group deliberated on the prevailing socio-political and overall security situation in the state in the back drop of proposed Local Bodies elections in the state.
Hakeem Yaseen said that the people of the state are passing through a worst phase of political uncertainty and are feeling quite scared and insecure. “Their lost trust and faith on the institutions of justice and democracy due to repeated broken promises need to be restored first before going for elections,” Hakeem Yaseen observed. He said though the Art.35-A was final but its debate has fortunately united all most all the mainstream political parties and social organisations of the state who should collectively struggle for restoration of 1953 position to the state. He said restoration of pre-1953 position to the state could go a long way to help to remove trust deficit among the people of the state to some extent while urging all the mainstream political and social organisations to unite under one umbrella for the purpose. He has asked the center to assess the ground situation in the state and initiate meaningful confidence building measures, without wasting any time, to regain the lost trust of the people by exhibit its sincerity and concern over the pathetic plight of the people.
“Any kind of elections in the state are meaningless for the people under the situation of uncertainty, bloodshed and mayhem prevailing all over the state,” Hakeem Yaseen remarked adding that decision of all major political parties of the state not to participate in the proposed local bodies elections was indicative of the observation and stand taken by the Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Front in the very beginning of the proposal. He said that though there cannot be any alternative to the elected democratic institutions for development at gross roots level but the safety and security of people is the foremost priority. (KNS)