Article 35-A should not be abrogated: Aiyar

Article 35-A should not be abrogated: Aiyar
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Srinagar, Sep 10: Senior congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar on Tuesday said that Article 35A, which grants special rights and privileges to Jammu and Kashmir citizens, should not be abrogated in the “interest of the nation”.
Talking to a news agency Mani Shankar Aiyar said that “I am always in favour of election but the present situation of Kashmir is not satiable for elections”.
He added that “if it is possible for govt they should postpone election for some time”. He further said that “because of wrong decision of BJP Kashmir have seen such situation”.
He further added that “I am in favour of election but BJP create new issue of Article 35-A so that situation is not good not”. He added that central govt don’t want to understand people’s feeling.
BJP should motivate people that “nothing is going to happen with article. He said that Article 35 A is in the interest of the nation. “It should not be touched. Nobody should make any effort for its abrogation,” Aiyar said. Adding that, as BJP also know the current situation of Kashmir they should not talk about such issues.
He added that, “Till now I was talking about to conduct election in Kashmir but today situation is a clear message and elections must be postponed if possible”. (PTK)