NC adds twist to the tale

NC adds twist to the tale
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The opposition National Conference has added a new twist to the tale by announcing that it would boycott the forthcoming Panchayat polls if Centre fails to clear its stand on the Article 35-A.
NC’s core group which met in Srinagar decided that party would not participate in these elections unless and until Government of India and the state government clear their position in this regard and take effective steps for the protection of Art 35 A in and outside the courts.
The National Conference has made the first move and has put the Peoples Democratic Party in a tight spot. NC has cornered the Government of India by showing its existence and importance. The NC’s boycott call over Article 35-A has made it difficult for PDP to announce that it has no objection in contesting the forthcoming urban local bodies and Panchayat polls in the state.
Though these polls are held on non-partisanbasis but everyone is aware about the fact that candidates enjoy the support of political parties. New Delhi knows it very well that it’s dependent on Kashmir based mainstream parties for successful conduct of these elections. If NC sticks to its decision to stay away from these polls it would be a huge embarrassment for New Delhi.
The people sitting in the Centre would have to come clear on Article 35-A as there is every possibility about other Kashmir based regional parties also toeing the NC’s line. Since the day Governor’s rule has been imposed in the state the entire official machinery has been concentrating on when to conduct the Panchayat polls. And these elections cannot be held in absence of the political parties. Now the ball is in the court of New Delhi and BJP led NDA government has to decide whether to defend Article 35-A or not.