Green gold vandalized

Green gold vandalized
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The Forest Department cutting more than 400 forest trees (Kail) in Laden and Buzgoo areas of Budgam district to pave the way for laying 440 KV transmission line from Samba to Amargrah has raised many questions.
Farmers whose trees have been cut have been alleging that Forest department has failed to recover adequate compensation from the power company Sterlite Power which is executing the project under Northern Region System Strengthening Scheme (NRSS-29).
Media reports suggest that hundreds of forest trees have been axed from Baramulla to Rajouri. The transmission line of the NRSS -29 passes through 11 districts of state including Budgam , Shopian ,Poonch and Rajouri. In Laden and Buzgoo villages more than 400 trees have been axed. There are allegations that officials of the Forest department have not made the actual assessment of damages caused to Forests.
It’s strange that on one hand the state government leaves no opportunity to claim that protecting forests is the top priority but on the other hand it seems least concerned about green gold being vandalized. The power transmission line has already been installed and whatever damage it had to cause that has already been done. Now it’s the duty of the officials to at least compensate the farmers whose trees have been cut. It’s unfortunate that only influential people have been provided with the compensation and others have been ignored.
Governor’s administration should take a serious note about the happenings which have taken place. First of all the farmers who have lost their green gold should be compensated and proper investigations should be launched to ascertain what happened to 200 trees which are reportedly missing after being cut.