Junk food emerging as threat

Junk food emerging as threat
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Jammu and Kashmir government has asked the educational institutions to ban the junk food in the school premises. It’s a welcome step and the ban needs to be implemented in letter and spirit.
The educational institutions should ensure that the availability of nutritious food in the campus as the children are not aware about the ill effects of the junk food.
The University Grants of Commission (UGC) too had issued a fresh direction to universities in all states including J&K to ban sale of junk food on the university and affiliated college campuses.
Medicos are of the opinion that junk food is the main cause of the disorders which are prevalent among the children and the youth as this food has no nutritional value.
Popular items on menus of canteens in colleges and schools such as potato chips, aerated drinks, samosas, chocolates, burgers and pizzas are categorised as junk food. Students, who are always in hurry, opt for these items to fill their stomach without realizing that by doing so they are compromising with their health.
Besides banning the junk food the need of the hour is to launch an awareness campaign and make the people aware about the ill effects of the food which is served at fast food joints.
In 2017, an expert committee of Food Safety and Standards Association of India had recommended restricting sale or availability of foods high in fat, salt or sugar content within 50 meter radius of schools. However, this is for the first time that a ban order has been issued in J&K.
The school and college managements besides banning the sale of junk food in the educational institutions should hold special counseling sessions for the students to inculcate health food habits among them.