Safety of people first priority than holding local bodies elections: Hakeem Yaseen

Safety of people first priority than holding local bodies elections: Hakeem Yaseen
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Srinagar, Sep 2: Saying that there cannot be any alternative to the elected municipal and local bodies institutions for development at gross roots level, Chaiman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen said that safety of people was the foremost priority than holding elections in the state. He has cautioned that the proposed panchayat election process should not become the cause for a fresh spell death and destruction, given the prevailing grim security situation in the state.
In a statement issued Sunday, Hakeem Yaseen said that restoration of peace and stopping the ongoing bloodshed should be the first priority than holding of local bodies elections in the strife torn state. He said before the process of proposed elections, Government should first ensure that the precious human lives do not get exposed to the bullets. He said human lives are more precious and important than all other things adding that restoration of peace in the turmoil ravaged state was the first urgency.
He asked all the mainstream political parties and stakeholders of the state to clear their position on the issue of proposed municipal and local bodies elections without any ambiguity rather than appeasing the Centre, so that a cautious and clear approach is envisaged in this regard , which could be in the better interests of the common people of the state.
“For the time being we can wait a bit for holding elections but cannot afford to lose more precious human lives due to proposed elections, “Hakeem Yaseen said.
He said apprehensions being expressed by the common people and various political organisations about holding municipal and local bodies elections in the state need to be taken into account in the larger interests of the country and the state. He said that state was already ploughed with constitutional crisis due to suspended animation of the legislature urging that no such step should be taken at this crucial juncture which may prove detrimental for the state in the long run.