Abrogation of Art 35A will lead to civil war in Kashmir: Cong

Abrogation of Art 35A will lead to civil war in Kashmir: Cong
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Srinagar, Jul 30: State General Secretary of Pradesh Congress Committee and MLA Bandipora Usman Majid Monday said that If Article 35A is scrapped, it will lead to Civil war in Kashmir.
Majid said that, If BJP and RSS think that this war will remain restricted to Kashmir, they are living in fool’s paradise. It will engulf the whole of India, he said.
Majid said that, Centre should not touch the special status of Kashmir. If they do, they will invite trouble for entire India and the region. “Article 35A is our minimum right and we will not tolerate any attempt to fiddle with it,” he added.
He said that: “we won’t allow anybody to fiddle with Article 35A. The state subject law should not be eroded at any cost. If the Constitutional provision is removed, it will provide fertile ground for neighbouring powers to intensify the war in Kashmir, which will then engulf the whole country. If Article 35A is abrogated, it will be economically detrimental to the people of State, he added.
MLA Bandipora warned to launch agitation if attempts are made to abrogate the Article 35A in Jammu and Kashmir. (CNS)