Omar raises alarm

Omar raises alarm
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Vice-president of National Conference Omar Abdullah has sounded an alarm by stating that those who are out to form more groups are weakening the “voice of people.” It seems that Omar has gauged that more groups are likely to be formed and rebel faction of the Peoples Democratic Party has already announced its arrival on the political arena of Jammu and Kashmir.
These rebels have been claiming that they are against the family rule and dynasty politics. Former minister and PDP leader Imran Raza Ansari has been at the forefront and has challenged the “khandani raaj” system in Jammu and Kashmir.
Prior to 2000 National Conference was the only political party in the state and it ruled J&K for decades together. The emergence of Peoples Democratic Party provided an alternative to the people and from 2002 to 2018 the PDP shared power twice with both Congress and BJP.
After the fall of the PDP-BJP government formation of third front looks inevitable. If the Third Front is formed it would provide people with one more alternative but this front would always remain dependent on PDP, NC and national parties like BJP and Congress to form the government.
Omar’s apprehension that it would “weaken the voice of the people” is not misplaced as he knows that more and more Kashmir based political parties and groups would make national parties strong and these in turn would dictate terms to the regional parties. The need of the hour is that Kashmir based politicians should put their heads together and work towards finding a solution to end political uncertainty in the state. If they fight among themselves it would create more divisions and animosity.