Let PM break his silence if GoI is ready for talks: Opposition

Let PM break his silence if GoI is ready for talks: Opposition
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Srinagar, Jun 6: The opposition mainstream political parties on Wednesday questioned the silence maintained by Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the dialogue process, saying he must not remain tight-lipped if Government of India is really taking steps forward to resolve the Kashmir issue.
The opposition mainstream political parties were reacting on the statement made by Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Jammu Kashmir in-charge Ram Madhav wherein he had stated that the government has made arrangements to hold a dialogue with all the parties concerned in the Kashmir Valley, including the Hurriyat.
Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) chief, G A Mir said that the statements over the talks pouring in from BJP side are confusing people as the leaders are making contradictory statements public with regard to the talks.
“If Government of India is really sincere over talks then Prime Minister should break his silence and should clear the Government’s stand over the talks,” he said, adding that the statements being made by the BJP leaders are only creating confusion over dialogue in the society.
“I believe that BJP don’t have any proper internal policy. The leaders of the ruling BJP are not in a single direction. I believe that the PM should break his silence over the dialogue process that the confusion being created by the BJP leaders would come to an end,” he said, by giving contradictory statements, BJP leaders are creating more confusion than resolution.
National Conference (NC) provincial president, Nasir Aslam Wani said that it is a welcome development. “We always pitched for a sustainable dialogue for the resolution of Kashmir issue. If Government of India has taken steps forward towards resolution of Kashmir issue then it is a welcoming step,” Wani said.
Reacting over the different statements of BJP leaders, Wani said that some among the Union leaders and Ministers are making statements without knowing the facts on the ground.
CPI (M) senior leader and MLA Kulgam, Muhammad Yousuf Tarigami said that BJP’s policy in centre was wrong. “To see the Kashmir policy through security prism was wrong. CPI M believes it is far from the ground reality.”
“From last four years, CPI M views central government’s policy as deepening the alienation of Kashmir, making the alienation more massive. Instead of resolving the issues, they were giving hype to the so called all out strategy but on the ground we have seen there is rise in militancy, there is rise in anger,” he said, adding that military solution was never an option.
“The option is a credible dialogue. In previous time, such things took place but nothing concrete emerged, people have perception that the GoI only buy time,” he said, adding that only time will tell.
“Any element of willingness to talk is better than making noises, talking is better than not talking. It would be a better if there is a credible dialogue with both the dissent voices in Kashmir and Jammu,” he said, adding that both India and Pakistan have to talk, sooner the better.
“People of Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir want peace and they want settlement of the issues as well,” he said. (KNS)