Ports in Gujarat on alert due to cyclone ‘Sagar’

Ports in Gujarat on alert due to cyclone ‘Sagar’
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Ahmedabad: Ports in Gujarat have been kept on alert with a Signal-2 warning due to a cyclone.
The cyclone ‘Sagar’ has appeared in the gulf of Aden and is expected to intensify because of the deep depression formed off the coast of Yemen.
The geographical location of the cyclone is confirmed near latitude 13.2 degrees north and 48.7 degrees.
‘Sagar’ is expected to initially move westwards, which is towards the Gulf of Aden and Oman.The state meteorological department has given a distant warning-2 to the ships heading towards the gulf. The department has advised the fishermen against venturing in the sea.
DW-2 warning is given by the meteorological department when a cyclone is raging far off in the middle of the shipping lanes. In such situation, the ships are asked to either change their routes or wait in the ports.
The ships going towards the Gulf countries through the Arabian Sea have been asked to halt at the Gujarat coastal areas in case of a cyclone and fishermen are alerted and prohibited from fishing till the cyclone weakens.
Manoj Lodhani, the president of fishermen association said, “Most of the boats are at the port and those already at sea have been alerted.”
Manoharam Mohanti, Director of the Meteorological Department, Gujarat said, “The cyclone is 390 kms away from the Gujarat coasts with wind speed reaching 30-40 kmph. The speed may go up to 70-90 kmph till it hits any coast.”