Alarming figures 

Alarming figures 
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At least 45 youth joining militant ranks from January to April this year is a major cause of concern. Even the security agencies have been taken by a surprise due to the alarming rise in the number of youth joining the militant ranks.
In the first week of April government forces killed nearly 13 militants in one day in south Kashmir. After that it was expected that number of local youth joining the militant ranks would decline but it did not happen.
According to the media reports in the month of April more than 20 youth joined militant ranks. Young boys picking up arms has evoked concern from one and all. Everyone is saying that this trend needs to be reversed and the killings should stop but it’s not happening.
Every time civilian or a militant is killed it evokes hue and cry. After every killing people at the helm and others issue    condemnation statements and it ends with that.
Emerging situation in Kashmir indicates that ground situation is grim and youth are disillusioned.  They need to be brought back into the mainstream. They cannot be pushed to the wall.
It’s unfortunate that politicians from south Kashmir, which has emerged as the hotbed of militancy, have reportedly abandoned their ancestral homes and housed themselves in well-fortified accommodations in Srinagar or Jammu. They are disconnected from their constituencies and seem to have lost contact with the people, who despite all the odds voted for them. Mere rhetoric and issuing statements won’t help anyone’s cause. A sincere efforts is needed to save the generation next of Kashmiris and everyone would have to contribute to make New Delhi understand that Kashmir is an issue and it needs to be addressed and force is no solution.