Bollywood returns

Bollywood returns
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Bollywood returning to Kashmir is good news for the people associated with the tourism industry. Many people believe that filmmakers coming to Kashmir would encourage more and more tourists to visit the Valley.
Till 1990 Kashmir was the favourite destination for the filmmakers but after the armed rebellion broke out in J&K the Bollywood turned its back towards the Valley due to security reasons.
During the past few years Bollywood has again turned its eyes and cameras towards its once-favourite destination. Film crews are returning to the Valley to capture the picturesque, shooting-friendly locales and rekindle the old romance with the place.
The stakeholders believe that it’s a good omen. But a few people believe that the tourist season has just commenced and it’s too early to believe that the tourism sector would get revived in 2018.
The prevailing uncertainty and militancy related incidents increasing with each passing day are an indication that situation in Kashmir is far from normal. The inflow of the tourists is directly related to the decline in violence in the Valley.
The filmmakers who are arriving in Kashmir have been mesmerized by the beauty of the Valley and know it very well that there are many virgin locations which can be explored but many areas have been declared sensitive and are under the control of the government forces.
A few films which were shot in Kashmir during the past 27-years focused on unrest and to an extent portrayed Kashmir and Kashmiris in a negative way but off late the trend has changed and filmmakers have stopped focusing on the conflict.
Arrival of Bollywood in Kashmir has come as a ray of hope for the people linked to the Tourism industry. Fingers are crossed and people are hoping for the best.