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Aazib Manzoor

Out of the most defining forces that drive the peace and melody out of life, freedom certainly seems to be on the front list, although not visible to the lame eye but one among the things that top the list. Freedom isn’t just unique or stands out – freedom is peculiar as well. It seems like a very casual thing or concept that every mind can breeze into and delve in its waves. For me, the freedom people seek or think as so is quite different or just a small part of the essence of the very broad concept of freedom. I’m not going to exaggerate anything here, but I will ramble down everything that I have felt about the real depth of the concept of freedom. To settle down my point, I’m going to pin down a short narration about myself.
I study at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, at least a thousand miles away from my home, in a totally different scenario and surrounding, different culture, different people, different ideas. I don’t reside in the hostel because of all the crowding atmosphere. So, I have rented an apartment of two rooms where I live all alone. Living in Aligarh means you can go out at 3 am in the morning and you would still find people on roadside dhabas sipping that heavenly tea, even if its freezing or even if the mosquitoes sting every part of the body. Knowing that I can leave my apartment at any time and go out , do whatever I have to or want to; knowing that there’s no one who has any objection with my wandering; knowing that I’m at my liberty to anything I desire; I hardly ever leave my apartment. I never felt the need to go out so as to assure myself of being free from any bonds or customs or norms.
When I’m back home, it’s the complete opposite of it. There are regulations I have to follow while leaving and entering the home. Because of some reason, I stay very little at home and tend to spend most of the time outside. My liberty is limited here, yet I always am curious to wander outside of the four walls that seem to me coming on me, confining my breathing space and closing hopes to the doorway to skies. Home is a place where the freedom I imagine of can’t be achieved, yet this is where I demand to be free moreover the most.
From the narrative, I want to explain how freedom is more like an idea than something we can actually perceive. Freedom is a state of mind, if you lead your mind to the persuasion of being free even if you’re in a prison or for that matter in an abyss; even then can you understand the dynamics and sensations of freedom. You can lock yourself in a room for months, yet never feel the courtesy to go out even if you’re the ruler of a realm and can roam anywhere you want. If some external force is suppressing your basic human rights and you want freedom from that kind of suppression; this as a whole defines that the freedom you’re demanding is more like a thing that can be defined in materialistic terms. Even being under all the tyranny hell can spat, you can convince your mind and most importantly your heart that you are free and you will never be able to care about the freedom that’s being suppressed. You can’t feel freedom, you can just live it.
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