Fear psychosis prevails

Fear psychosis prevails
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BJP leader being shot dead in Pulwama town has created fear among the BJP activists putting up in volatile areas in south Kashmir. The BJP leader who was shot dead had two armed guards to protect him but they too couldn’t save him. This has created fear psychosis and BJP leaders are running towards Srinagar to look for a secure accommodation.
The mainstream politicians during the past 27-years have always remained on the hit list of the militants. Many people irrespective of their affiliation with any political party have faced the brunt of the conflict.
During the past few months video clips about gunmen barging into the homes of mainstream politicians and asking them to give up their affiliation with their parties have added to the prevailing fear.
Srinagar and Jammu cities have been home for the mainstream politicians who deserted their homes due to fear of being killed. Initially these politicians were accommodated in the government quarters and buildings but as the rush increased the government hired hotels and guesthouses to accommodate them.
The decline in the militancy related incidents during the past few years had led to many political workers returning to their native villages but militancy resurfacing in the Valley has once again pushed the political workers and mainstream politicians to the wall.
The political workers who are affiliated with the opposition parties usually complain that government is ignoring them and they being deprived of the security. Many of them at times have alleged that they are not even provided secure accommodations.
Many people believe that government would have to address the concerns of mainstream politicians vis-à-vis providing security to them. If government fails to do so the day is not far when one would see notices appearing in newspapers about mainstream politicians call it a day.