Ray of hope for J&K politicians

Ray of hope for J&K politicians
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Government of India revoking Armed Forces Special Powers Act from Meghalaya and restricting it in Arunachal Pradesh has come as a ray of hope for mainstream politicians in Jammu and Kashmir.
The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Working President of National Conference Omar Abdullah during his tenure knocked every door in New Delhi to get the AFSPA revoked at least from a few areas in J&K but his attempts did not yield any results.
When Peoples Democratic Party was in the opposition it used to raise the revocation of AFSPA at every forum. The party used to claim that if it comes into power it would ensure that AFSPA is revoked from J&K.
However, in 2014 PDP didn’t get the full mandate and had to join hands with the BJP to form the government. When both the parties entered into an alliance they agreed not to rake up controversial issues and AFSPA was one among them. Since the day PDP has come into power it has not spoken about AFSPA and its revocation. Many PDP leaders believe that time is not ripe for revocation of AFSPA from Jammu and Kashmir as the militancy has resurfaced in the Valley.
Revocation of AFSPA from Meghalaya and restricting it in parts of Arunachal Pradesh is an indication that AFSPA can be revoked and it’s not a permanent law. The mainstream politicians in Jammu and Kashmir should put their heads together and look for ways and means to see that controversial laws are revoked from Jammu and Kashmir. Revocation of AFSPA from North Eastern states has provided an opportunity to the mainstream leaders in J&K to once again take up this issue with the GoI.