Rein in Lal Singh

Rein in Lal Singh
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Ousted BJP Minister Chaudary Lal Singh seems to be on a mission to pit Jammu against Kashmir. He took out a rally in Jammu on Thursday and said no one would be allowed to spread ‘Kashmiri infection’ in Jammu.
It’s unfortunate that he believes that Kashmiris are spreading ‘infection’ in Jammu and they won’t be tolerated. His statement can have far reaching consequences. One can understand that Singh is angry as he has been sacked but that doesn’t mean that he would pit one region other against another. Till yesterday he was enjoying power but today he stands nowhere.
Lal Singh has been infamous for creating controversies. When he joined the PDP-BJP government, his rude behavior with the doctors and other medicos compelled the Chief Minister to change his portfolio. Before joining BJP Lal Singh was in Congress just before 2014 polls he changed his loyalty as he could for see the debacle of the Congress.
The top BJP leaders should take a note of what Singh is trying to do. If they just act as mute spectators the ousted Minister can set entire Jammu and Kashmir on fire. They need to rein him before it becomes too late.
It’s unfortunate that a few people like Lal Singh are hell bent upon giving a communal colour to the rape and murder of an eight year old Kathua girl who had got nothing to do with the politics or any religion. She was just a kid who was trampled even before she could open her eyes. The perpetrators deserve to be hanged and the once who are supporting them should also be dealt with sternly.One needs to give all the credit to people of Jammu who despite being provoked have remained calm and have foiled the nefarious designs of the communal elements.