Act against drug peddlers

Act against drug peddlers
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The growing drug addiction in Kashmir has sent alarm bells ringing in the Valley. A few months ago Jammu and Kashmir High Court had directed the State Government to consider the issue of drug addiction on a special platform which has been adopted by other states.
It looks like that state government has not paid much attention towards the direction which was passed by a division bench of the High Court.
The division bench had held that the issue relating to drug addiction should be considered on the special platform as has been adopted by other states by setting up drug de-addiction centers and rehabilitation units for the victims.
The High Court had observed that drug addiction is on rise in Jammu and Kashmir and there are very few drug de-addiction centers and these don’t have adequate staff strength. The people who want to give up the drug addiction have to face lot of difficulties due to the limited options available in the state. Many people have to visit other states to get rid of drugs.
It’s an established that drugs are easily available in the open market and a few people have made a fortune by selling drugs and promoting this illegal trade. Besides setting up drug de-addiction centers the state government should also crack a whip on those people who are into the business of selling this poison in the open market.
Stringent laws have to be framed to deal with the drug peddlers and the people who are involved in this business need to be identified and booked. Efforts should be made to make the younger generation aware about the ill effects of the drug addiction so that they don’t fall in the trap.