Leave teachers alone

Leave teachers alone
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The Jammu and Kashmir Government has taken a important decision vis-à-vis detachment of the officers and officials of the School Education Department including teaching staff presently attached in other departments and by imposing a ban on mid-session transfer of the teachers.

Educational institutions across Kashmir are facing a dearth of teaching staff making students suffer. The banning of midterm transfers would prove beneficial for the students as it won’t hamper their progress.

Teachers being detached from the government offices would help them focus on their jobs and profession. It would allow them to concentrate on primary goal of imparting education. The teaching staff is appointed with the particular purpose of performing specific duties of imparting education and their deployment in other departments has proved detrimental for the interests of the students.

Every year government claims that efforts are on to streamline the Education department and to impart quality education to the students but the results of Board examinations puncture the tall claims every now and then. On the other hand performance of private schools has been much better than the government schools. Students of these schools have been performing very well in their respective fields.

Some people believe that Education sector in Jammu and Kashmir has been politicized to the hilt and it has taken a heavy toll on the performance of the students. The state government needs to give it a thought and plug all the loop holes to streamline the education system in Jammu and Kashmir.

Another step which the government should pursue is that it should exempt teaching staff from all non-teaching assignments including election duties so that they could be exclusively deployed for the purpose of teaching only.