Wait continues

Wait continues
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Weatherman predicting fresh rain and snowfall in Kashmir has brought smiles on the faces of people in Kashmir. They are eagerly waiting for prediction to come true.
Till now upper reaches have witnessed only a meager snowfall and it has already created panic among the people. This year Kashmir witnessed one of driest Chillai-Kalan mush to the disappointment of the people.

Night temperatures fell drastically in January month as minimum temperature dropped down to minus 6.7 degrees Celsius in Srinagar city..

People in Srinagar and other adjoining areas are wondering where the old days have gone when snow used to cover the entire Valley during the winter months.

Experts believe that snow has disappeared from Srinagar due to people not maintaining the ecological balance and playing havoc with the environment. Trees and plantations have disappeared water bodies have been choked and springs have been filled. This has led to drastic climate change in the Valley. If people don’t wake up now the day is not far when people would have to visit hill stations to have a glimpse of snow.

Experts have warned that if the same trend continues Kashmir can face acute water crisis in summer months which can hit the crops and fruit yield across Kashmir.

Still all has not been lost people need to pay attention towards the environment and surroundings around them if they want to restore the pristine glory of the Valley. People are hoping that Kashmir receives good amount of precipitation and winter season ends on a positive note. If winter passes away without rain and snow there is every possibility about Kashmir witnessing drought like conditions in summer months.