Politicising Rohingyas

Politicising Rohingyas
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The Chief spokesman of ruling Peoples Democratic Party Rafi Mir in a veiled attack on its coalition partner Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has asked the saffron party not to communalize the stay of Rohingya Muslims in Jammu saying the refugees from Myanmar were “protected under international laws” to which government of India is a signatory.
Since the day militants barged into Sunjuwan Military Station in Jammu outskirts voices to deport Rohingyas from the Jammu city have become shriller. Their presence in Jammu is being discussed day in and out. A few people are making all the possible efforts to project Rohingyas as a security threat. And no stone is being left unturned to polarize the environment.
Originally from Myanmar, Rohingya have settled in India and Bangladesh since 1990s, fleeing persecution from the army and the government in their country.
Mir said that there are so many other refugees settled in India. The Rohingyas should be allowed to live a peaceful life in Jammu till the Supreme Court and the Government of India decides on their stay. These refugees need to be protected by the state government till their case is decided.
The PDP challenging the stand of its coalition partner can lead to both the ruling parties entering into a confrontation. BJP’s stand on Rohingyas is clear that they should be asked to vacate Jammu. There are very few possibilities about BJP softening its stand as the other Jammu based parties are waiting for a chance to score points over the ruling party. BJP won’t allow the regional parties to get a chance to corner the saffron party. There is every possibility about BJP sticking to its stand and PDP opposing it.