Congress hits out at Modi over security situation in J&K

Congress hits out at Modi over security situation in J&K
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New Delhi, Feb 14: Expressing concern over the rising number of militancy incidents in Jammu and Kashmir, the Congress on Wednesday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi the same five questions he had shot at the UPA government over the security situation in the country ahead of the 2014 general elections.
Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi described the Modi government’s foreign and defence policies as “directionless” that have created an “unquiet border” and “disquiet on the border” with Pakistan.
“It shows utter hypocrisy and double standards. Not one of these five questions have been attempted to be answered by the ruling party and by our 56-inch Prime Minister. The 56 inches is only in talk and in paper tigers,” Singhvi said.
He claimed that the number of militancy incidents and killing of civilians and soldiers and ceasefire violations had increased drastically in the last 45 months of the Modi government.
“But how long can we ignore that directionless, irresolute, inconsistent, zig-zag, arbitrary foreign policy and defence policy which is going to endanger these brave soldiers. Can you get away every time by pointing a finger at the neighbour who is beyond care and beyond cure,” Singhvi said, referring to Pakistan.
He sought answers from Modi on how militants get these arms from across the borders. “All the borders are under the central government’s jurisdiction. Border Security Forces come under your jurisdiction.”
The Congress is “only repeating exactly what you used to ask us” and asked Modi where do these militants get money and funding from. “The entire money transaction business…is under RBI’s jurisdiction, it happens through banks. Why can’t the Prime Minister, Modi, keep surveillance on these transactions? This is under your jurisdiction, why can’t you stop it?
A third question “in the exact same language as Modi” asks about infiltration. “Everything is, Prime Minister, under your control. Borders are under your control. Coastal security is under your control. Navy is under your control. Then how can these infiltrators enter India?”
The fourth question seeks an answer on the government’s inability to intercept communications between the militants and their handlers. “You can prevent these attacks.
We want to ask you, PM Modi, what have you done in this regard?”
Singhvi asked the Prime Minister why his foreign policy has not been able to extradite militants who fled India and sit in foreign countries and indulge in these activities in India.
“Modi, we again repeat your own words. First act with regards to these five things – then militancy will be routed out. Modiji, you don’t have answer to the same questions, which you had asked us, once upon a time.”
The Congress leader was referring to Modi’s speech at election rallies ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls during which he had boasted of his 56-inch chest to battle it out with Pakistan and the militant outfits there.
“Facts and figures show a deplorable, an astonishing and a sorrowful increase in the case of major militancy incidents” since the BJP came to power, Singhvi said.
He compared the number of militancy incidents in the last 45 months of the Congress with the BJP’s 45 months in power.
In the last 45 months of the NDA government, there have been 207 militancy incidents while there were 96 incidents in the UPA’s 45 months.
“In the same period 286 jawans got martyred while during UPA the number was 115. During 45 month period of the NDA 138 civilians have been killed while in UPA’s period the number of civilian deaths was 72.”