Sunjwa attack a security lapse, intel advisory ignored

Sunjwa attack a security lapse, intel advisory ignored
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Special Correspondent

Srinagar, Feb 11: Militants storming Sunjwa military station in Jammu has rattled the security establishment as many people believe that militants were able to enter inside the camp due to security lapse.
Sources told Precious Kashmir that Sunjwa military station is a full-fledged station and not an army camp. “Militants barging inside the camp is a serious security lapse. The people at the helm should ascertain how militants managed to enter inside the military station despite it being a high security zone,” they added.
It’s in place to mention here that security agencies had already sounded an alert that militants would try to carry out a Fidayeen attack in Jammu and Kashmir.
A source said, “The forces were asked to beef up the security around the vital installations to thwart any such possible strike. But militants managed to sneak into Sunjwa military station through the rear side and carried out an audacious attack taking everyone by a surprise.”
He said, “Security around the vital installations in Kashmir had been beefed up but not much heed was paid towards securing the vital installations in Jammu region. The intelligence agencies had issued the advisory for entire J&K state and not only for Kashmir.”
Sources said that to carry out such an attack without any preparation is impossible and there is every possibility about militants first carrying out the reccee of the area. “All the angles have to be explored. It needs to be ascertained how did they reach near the camp did anyone drop them or they managed it at their own,” they added.
“At present our focus is on finishing the operation. How the attack took place would be explored later. There has been a security lapse and it’s a serious issue it would be looked into,” said an official.
A source said, “It looks like that militants who were involved in the attack had stayed in Jammu before carrying the strike as the rear side of the military station through which they entered is not known to everyone. There is every possibility that they would have got the local help.”
He said what is more alarming is that they managed to sneak inside along with huge quantity of arms and explosives. “All the possible angles suggest that it was pre-planned strike and it was not a fresh infiltration attempt. All these things will become clear once the operation is over and the military station is sanitized. Till then these are all assumptions,” he added.