Liberal, really?

Mukul Kesavan Advertisement Indian Muslims don’t live in ‘medievalist ghettoes’, they live, for the most part, in modern slums. The reason they live in these slummy ghettoes is not because Muslims have some special propensity to cluster together (certainly no greater than the community preferences of other Indians); it’s because it is very hard for […]

Finally employees to get salary hike

Finally Jammu and Kashmir government has decided to issue the SRO for implementation for the recommendations of 7th pay commission. The employees have been waiting for the announcement for the past many months. Once the recommendations of the 7th pay commission are implemented the government employees would get significant hike in their salary packages and […]

We don’t need judgments that blunt laws

Aakar Patel The Supreme Court campaign against the “misuse” of special laws continues. A few days ago, a two-judge bench of justices, A.K. Goel and U.U. Lalit, issued new directions to prevent what they say is the “rampant misuse” of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. What these directions are likely […]

Modi needs to change the hawkish doctrine

  A G Noorani States have an image of themselves that inspires their policies in the global order. A basic principle that governs their foreign policy emerges. For centuries, Britain adhered to the principle of balance of power in Europe. It required the country to ensure that no power emerged to pose a threat to […]

Process falling at place

The newspapers in Jammu and Kashmir have been awaiting categorization for the past many months. Finance Minister Altaf Bukhari has assured the Kashmir Editors Guild that the categorization of the newspapers would be finalized within 2 months. The revised advertisement rates notified vide Government Order No: 48-ID of 2017 dated: 23.11.2017 would come into effect […]

India’s regional policy: Still meddle and muddle

Mohan Guruswamy Much as we would like to exalt Jawaharlal Nehru as the founder of modern India’s foreign policy, like all other major countries our policy too derives its basis from one man, France’s Cardinal Richelieu, who enshrined national interest as the only guiding principle to conduct affairs with other nations. The French have an […]

The battle for money

  Sushant Singh During the NDA government of Atal Behari Vajpayee, as India confronted the Pakistani challenge in icy Kargil in 1999, the then army chief, General VP Malik, was forced to declare, “we will fight with what we have”. It was a stinging indictment of India’s military preparedness, where New Delhi was forced to […]

They deserve better deal

  The Jammu and Kashmir policemen who have been at the forefront of fighting militancy in the state have sought 10% hike in the hardship allowance. There is no doubt about the fact that J&K policemen have to work against all the odds. Besides they are the part of the same society and have to […]

Indigenous seeds can end farmer suicides

  Vandana Shiva I was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s spinning wheel (charkha) to start saving our indigenous seeds in 1987. A century ago, Gandhi made the charkha an instrument for freedom from the British Empire, which was an “empire of cotton”. Today we save indigenous seeds for freedom from seed monopolies in the hands of […]

New Farmer, Old Paradigm

Sandeep Bamzai The typical middle farmer in Western Maharashtra and Vidarbha makes his sowing decision knowing that the price he will get will be lower than the price he sees. Farmer in Western Maharashtra makes his sowing decision knowing that the price he will get will be lower than the price he sees. Express Photo […]

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