Kabul’s new Great Game: Delhi must play to win

Neena Gopal With the US Congress passing a $700 billion defence budget for 2018 that makes some $350 million available to Pakistan, contingent on whether it takes demonstrable steps towards curbing the Haqqani Network which two US defence secretaries have attacked as the “terror arm of the ISI”, the Pakistan military-ISI complex’s plan to replicate […]

From Garden to Garbage

From Garden to Garbage

The socio economic growth is not synonymous to socio economic development Shahid Majeed Mir Societies thrive on certain well defined attributes which bring stability to the prescribed social order.  The social solidarity remains a cardinal principle for the harmony of social relations. This intricate balance like other dimension gets involved in complexities as soon as […]

Tug-off war makes people suffer

  The PDP-BJP government has been on different pages on many issues. The ministers of both the parties on many occasions have agreed to disagree on many of the contentious issues. One of the burning issues is who would head the vital departments? Both the parties want to see their handpicked officers at the top […]

Rohingya trapped in open-air prison of apartheid

Laura Haigh Imagine that your son becomes critically ill, but he is not allowed into the nearest hospital for treatment. You need to travel to the market to earn enough money to put food on the table, but you cannot get the permit required to leave your village. You want to go to school to […]

What would India be if the British never came?

Sunanda K Datta Ray As Theresa May wrestles — albeit not very effectively — with the task of quitting the European Union, I am reminded of a Danish politician telling me long ago that the British could never be fully European because their historic |links with India had left its imprint on their character and […]

Trump’s foreign policy: Follow the money

  Malak Chabkoun US President Donald Trump began his term by banning refugees and immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries and pushing forward with plans to build a wall between the US and Mexico. The promise of new isolationist foreign policy prompted praise from his base for his commitment to “putting America first”. Then, in what […]

Gujarat polls: It’s all about Modi, no one else

  Anand K Sahay The Gujarat model of development was the flavour of the poll season in 2014 when then chief minister Narendra Modi rode to power in New Delhi. It was with a magician’s enthusiasm for the tricks up his sleeve that Mr Modi had rolled out the “Gujarat model” in election meetings around […]

Harsh winter on cards

As the winter has set in early this year, people are grappling with number of issues to keep themselves warm and safe in the coming months. In absence of the electricity people are resorting to old methods to ensure thatwinter doesn’t trouble them. The demand for wooden, coal and gas bukharis has picked up. The […]

Now is the time to go public against predators

Aakar Patel On October 5, the New York Times published a report on the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misbehaviour. The paper quoted the actresses who said that they had been harassed or assaulted by Weinstein, who is one of the most powerful individuals in the film industry, and has produced Oscar-winning movies like The […]

Why Saudi-Israeli normalisation could be dangerous

  Ibrahim Fraihat Driven by succession plans and a strategy to confront Iran’s influence in the Arab region, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has engaged in several taboo-breaking steps. These include the arrest of dozens of princes and ministers and a process of normalising relations, at least partially, with Israel. But taking concrete […]