Energy resources in JK

Energy is a vital component for sustained economic growth and the energy mix is an indicator of sustainable development of a State and the country. Also proportionate growth in power sector is essential to maintain the economic growth. With enhanced modernization, industrialization and change in life style; the energy demand has increased several folds in […]

Outrageous Act

Lawyers blocking attempt of the Crime Branch to file a charge sheet against the accused in rape and murder case of a minor Kathua girl is an outrageous act. The lawyers comprising members of Kathua Bar Association and Young Lawyers Association blocked the entrance to the chamber of CJM to prevent the Crime Branch from […]

Trade war with China: What led Trump to act

Hamid Dabashi The headlines screamed last weekend: “Trump seeks $100 billion more tariffs on Chinese products”. But why is US President Donald Trump doing what he’s doing? Does he have a “cause of action”, which according to Black’s Law Dictionary “is a factual situation that entitles one person to obtain a remedy in court from […]

Fake news is dirty politics, not journalism

  Anand K Sahay F ake news” (FN), much heard about lately, is not news at all and is not part of any form of journalism. Typically, it is a part of the dirty tricks aspect of right-wing politics in many countries, as well as of intelligence outfits. The CIA has practised this dark art […]

How mainstream media gets Palestine wrong

  Mariam Barghouti by Mariam Barghouti The visual and verbal strategies of BBC for compromising the truth of what the Israelis have historically done and continue to do today are quite simple if not altogether crude and banal. They need to send their staff to get more advanced degrees in Newspeak. Their Newspeak is sophomoric […]

Act against drug peddlers

The growing drug addiction in Kashmir has sent alarm bells ringing in the Valley. A few months ago Jammu and Kashmir High Court had directed the State Government to consider the issue of drug addiction on a special platform which has been adopted by other states. It looks like that state government has not paid […]

Property statements

The Jammu and Kashmir government is tightening noose around its employees by making the rules stringent with each passing day. According to the media reports the people at the helm have realized that employees are not submitting the requisite annual property statements to the competent authorities. The government has directed all the controlling/drawing and disbursing […]

A ‘Dalit Spring’ is on the horizon

Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd On April 2, hundreds of thousands of India’s Dalits poured into the streets to take part in the Bharat Bandh, or all-India strike, called by Dalit organisations across the country. The former “untouchables” were protesting against what they say is the dilution of a law meant to protect them. The mass protest, […]

It’s tough unifying Hindus across the board

Aakar Patel Prime Minister Narendra Modi is exhorting the Bharatiya Janata Party’s MPs to reach out to dalits. He wants each BJP MP to spend two nights, around the time of Ambedkar jayanti that falls on April 14, in dalit-dominated villages. Mr Modi has urged them to remind dalits that it was BJP that took […]

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