Govt giving false hopes on economy

Yogi Aggarwal Many of the steps taken by the government to give the impression that it has stabilised the economy, in fact, show its desperation to conceal its weaknesses. Its implementation of GST is flawed and has led to an increase in cash transaction and fall in government income. The government has proposed that the […]

Abolishing merit ranking a good idea

Jayant V Narlikar Cambridge University was perhaps the first to introduce examinations in mathematics. A typical old caricature of Cambridge shows a candidate sitting on a tripod facing a bunch of fierce examiners sitting at a table. Although the examiners are fierce looking, they are usually shown indulging in a sarcastic laugh. Because the candidate […]

PM Modi breaks silence

PM Modi breaks silence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that Government of India’s goal in Jammu and Kashmir is “good governance, development, responsibility and accountability.” The Prime Minister Modi has spoken for the first time about J&K after Bharatiya Janata Party pulled out from the coalition government led by the Peoples Democratic Party in the state. He didn’t […]

Emergency, from the outside

Rudra Chaudhuri In one of his many tweets on the Emergency, senior minister Arun Jaitley wrote: “Prolonged Emergency in India brought pressures on Mrs Gandhi from international media and world leaders, who were aghast at the very suggestion that Pandit Nehru’s daughter had abandoned the path of democracy and turned dictatorial.” There is little doubt […]

Wave of Muslim migrants spell doom for Europe

Sandeep Bamzai With the US Supreme Court validating the presidential decree on keeping Muslims from five specific nations out of the US, Islamophobia and Muslim bashing has returned to the centre stage. Dissenting judges may have stated that the decision erodes the foundational principles of religious tolerance, but it is a huge shot in the […]

What next?

What next?

MLAs of Peoples Democratic Party raising a banner of revolt against the party leadership, especially the party President Mehbooba Mufti seems to have jeopardized the efforts of the PDP to cobble up an alliance with the Congress. Imran Raza Ansari, former Minister in the cabinet of Mehbooba Mufti, and his uncle Abid Ansari–MLA Zaidabal–have raised […]

Why our netas don’t need another Emergency

Sunanda K Datta Ray Before me as I write is a yellowing single-page special edition of The Statesman published on June 26, 1975. “Internal Security in Danger” it warns above the bold headline “PRESIDENT PROCLAIMS EMERGENCY”. It’s a souvenir of the apogee of absolutism whose spectre haunts India again. Perhaps the danger always been there. […]

The lurking bear

Udayan Mukherjee To any casual observer of financial markets, 2018 would appear to be a steady, if somewhat boring, year so far. The benchmark Nifty is up 2 per cent but that, after such a stellar run in 2017, can only be called routine consolidation. Else the ship is steady. Nothing could be further from […]

What happened to the money?

What happened to the money?

For time being flood threat is over and people have heaved a sigh of relief. The receding water levels indicate there is no threat now and the worst is over. Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a wet week ahead in the north Indian states and there is every possibility about Kashmir receiving heavy rainfall […]

4 yrs of self-inflicted wounds, an era of banality

  Anand K Sahay As soon as Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived on the scene, many in India associated with professional diplomacy, and taking a cue from them the broad foreign policy-security establishment circuit (including the think tank crowd and journalists, especially television pundits), began to anticipate a new dawn in this country’s relations with […]

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