Pay hike at last

Finally Jammu and Kashmir government has given its nod for the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission recommendations and employees are all set to draw higher salaries from next month. The decision of the government to make its employees comfortable is a welcome step and they deserved a hike as the growing inflation and the […]

Trump is offering Saudi Arabia a ‘bad deal’ on Syria

Joe Macaron Yemen is not Saudi Arabia’s only unfinished war in this decade. Before Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s military intervention in Yemen, the former Saudi intelligence chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan spearheaded, between 2012 and 2014, a clandestine proxy war against Iran in Syria. Now, US President Donald Trump is offering Riyadh a comeback […]

Judiciary must be seen to work for citizens

C P Surendran Vice-President of India and Rajya Sabha Chairman M. Venkaiah Naidu on Monday rejected the motion to impeach the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra. The Congress Party-led Opposition had levelled charges of corruption and favouritism in the allocation of cases to judges, and a suspect acquisition of land many years ago when […]

Ray of hope for J&K politicians

Government of India revoking Armed Forces Special Powers Act from Meghalaya and restricting it in Arunachal Pradesh has come as a ray of hope for mainstream politicians in Jammu and Kashmir. The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and Working President of National Conference Omar Abdullah during his tenure knocked every door in New […]

After crony capitalism, Crony Right rules the roost

Sandeep Bamzai Life’s impermanence is not something you need to be reminded of. And yet, history’s learning are never transposed. Agreed that in a pride of lions, the female is always the care-giver and hunter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that women on the fringes of a political formation have to be rewarded with trinkets. […]

The many joys of learning science

Jayant V Narlikar February 28 is celebrated in India as the National Science Day (NSD). The date itself pays tribute to the discovery of Raman Effect which brought a Nobel Prize to C.V. Raman. Apart from speeches and films highlighting the role of science and its importance to the common citizen, various programmes on National […]

Don’t divide people

Clerics are under fire for delivering hate speeches. The separatist have trained their guns at them and have asked the clerics not to deliver hate speeches and refrain from dividing the people on the sectarian lines. It’s not for the first time that clerics have been targeted for delivering hate speeches. In the past also […]

Death penalty for child abuse more harmful

Flavia Agnes The delay in making a public statement condemning the gruesome rape and murder of an eight-year-old child belonging to a Muslim nomadic tribe — Bakherwal in Jammu and Kashmir has become a subject matter of discussion in newspapers, television channels and the social media. Even the New York Times devoted an editorial to […]

Asia’s century: Defining moments in history!

Mohan Guruswamy This is now expected to be Asia’s century, with the balance of world GDP shifting towards it. It now accounts for about a third of it, and is forecast to be over half of it by 2050. In 1950, it was less than five per cent of world GDP. With economic output comes […]

Education and role of a Teacher

Shahnawaz Ali Education is about teaching, learning skills and knowledge. Education also means helping people to learn how to do things and encouraging them to think about what they learn. Through education, the knowledge of society, country and of the world is passed on from generation to generation. Education gives us knowledge of the world […]

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