PC emerging as alternative in J&K

PC emerging as alternative in J&K

Peoples Conference led by Sajad Gani Lone seems to be getting stronger with each passing day as more and more people are joining his party. On Saturday Irfan Pandithpuri, son of former MLA Mohammad Sultan Panditpuri joined the Peoples Conference, while Abid Ansari, uncle of the former minister Imran Ansari, said goodbye to PDP and […]

Why are the ‘yellow vests’ protesting in France?

Rokhaya Diallo For the past three weeks, France has been experiencing one of the most significant social mobilisations in its recent history, which laid bare the country’s social ills, anti-elite sentiment, growing inequalities and thirst for social justice. It all started on November 17 when tens of thousands of people took to the streets across […]

We are still waiting for the Douma Four to come back

Laila Kiki Today marks five years since my close friends and relatives, Razan Zaitouneh and Wael Hamada, were abducted along with Samira al-Khalil and Nazem Hammadi by masked gunmen in the Damascus suburb of Douma. For five years we have waited for their release, clinging to rumours that they’re still alive, and hoping that they […]

American women’s right to choose is in danger

Ohio’s state legislature recently passed a bill that criminalised the abortion of a fetus at six weeks, with no exception for rape or incest. So, how can this be legal given the fact that the landmark ruling in the court case of Roe v Wade from 1973, which gave American women the legal right to […]

PDP gets another shock

PDP gets another shock

In yet another jolt to Peoples Democratic Party another senior leader of the party Haseeb Drabu has finally said goodbye to the PDP. “Even though I have not been a dissident, you are aware I had resigned from the cabinet, assembly, and party nearly two years ago, a resignation which you did not accept. I […]

Of cow urine, gaushalas & Cong’s future

Saeed Naqvi Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his very first speech in Parliament in May 2014, said something which would have struck a chord with a large number of people, including Congressmen who had only silently nurtured the truth under some unstated party discipline. Mr Modi said the country had to be freed from “1,200 […]

Needed: A 25-year horizon

Raja Menon Even a casual survey of retired ICS officer Penderel Moon’s monumental work on the transfer of power from Britain to Independent India shows how the joy in Delhi eclipsed any thoughts of the islands in the Indian ocean. It took the benign intervention of Lord Mountbatten on the Indian side to force Whitehall […]

Army General Speaks

Army General Speaks

Lt Gen (Retd) H S Panag, who was posted as GOC of the army’s Northern Command, Udhampur in Jammu and Kashmir, has said the army had created an environment to resolve Kashmir but the elected governments failed to find any solution to the vexed issue. He wrote in The Print that the “unpopular coalition government […]

Road to 2019 is fraught with possibilities

Mohan Guruswamy 2019, like 2014, will be another presidential election year. Not since 1971, when the Congress Party fought with Indira Gandhi as its only face and only reason, will India see such a personality-focused election. Her campaign call then was “I say ‘Garibi Hatao’ and they only say Indira Hatao!” Narendra Modi now cannily […]

A Nation Wronged

  D. Raja December 6 is a day to remember and pay tribute to the great social and political thinker, Babasaheb Ambedkar. It’s a day to reiterate our commitment to the Constitution and demonstrate our resolve to uphold democracy, secularism and constitutional morality. Babasaheb passed away on December 6, 1956. The nation observes the day […]

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