Deadline extended

Centre extending the deadline to link Aadhaar with bank accounts and other services has come as respite for many people especially for the people in Jammu and Kashmir. Many people in Kashmir are yet to get their Aadhar cards due to one or other reason. People living in far-flung and bordering areas are still without […]

A few nefarious Pakistani thoughts

  Ejaz Haider During my reporting days in the Nineties, every six months or so, I would come across an identical news report, tucked in some corner of the back pages of one or the other Urdu newspaper informing us that RAW (R&AW) had infiltrated haseen do-sheezaen (femme fatale) into Pakistan for subversive activities. The […]

BJP & Pak: A dinner and its political fallout

  Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the Gujarat campaign trail, made the first mistake, though in his mind he must have considered it to be an electoral masterstroke, when cried out that Mani Shankar Aiyar had a meeting with Pakistanis at his house and he was plotting for Mr Modi’s defeat […]

Time and its unidirectional flow

  Jayant V Narlikar One important saying I first encountered as a schoolboy was: Time and tide wait for nobody. I was reminded of it several years later when I was visiting Japan with my wife. There in Kyoto while travelling on the underground, she drew my attention to what looked like an advertisement… one […]

A meeting, a conspiracy

  Karan Thapar Politicians are usually very careful about what they say in public. They know it can be used against them. Consequently they have a knack of speaking at length but not saying very much. This is not eloquence but self-protection. So it’s particularly surprising when one of them puts his foot firmly in […]

Men need to change

The retired Justice Bashir Ahmed Kirmani recently said that rights of women are trampled by their own family members and they face maximum rights violations within their homes. Right from property rights to their rights in the homes of their in-laws are snatched by the male dominated society. Even after getting married women have to […]

Trump Jerusalem move hinders US interests in the region

  Khalid Al-Jaber & Giorgio Cafiero Despite warnings from close US allies, US President Donald Trump controversially recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and started the process of moving Washington’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Trump’s decision came 50 years after Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and Syria’s […]

In a new era, China’s new journey

  Wang Yi This year, we have taken active, innovative and pioneering steps, and made many breakthroughs and important headway in our diplomatic work. First, we have drawn up the blueprint for jointly undertaking the Belt and Road Initiative. Last May, President Xi Jinping successfully chaired the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation […]

The spectacle of Palestine

  RYara Hawari Damascus Gate on Friday was awash with journalists, poised at the ready with their cameras, eager to capture the first of the clashes and provide the world with news from the “Holy City”. Palestinians, many of whom had come out of noon prayers from Al Aqsa, congregated to protest the US’s recognition […]

Justice for all in the land of the free?

  David A Love & Vijay Das i On this day 69 years ago the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, sketching the foundation of human rights law. Led by Eleanor Roosevelt, the United States played a critical role in bringing 48 nations together to enumerate a set of core individual rights […]

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