COVID-19 lockdown in Kashmir likely to continue

COVID-19 lockdown in Kashmir likely to continue

Increasing number of cases, many ‘Red Zones’ a big concern
Afaq Bhat
Srinagar, Apr 26: Kashmir is likely to remain in lockdown mode for some more time as the number of positive COVID-19 cases are increasing with each passing day and there are too many “Red Zones” in central, south and north Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir administration in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs amended the lockdown norms on late Saturday evening and allowed opening of neighborhood and standalone shops but the problem within Red Zones is that neither anyone is allowed to enter nor anyone is allowed to leave. Most shops in these areas have run out of stocks. At present administration is managing the supply of essentials in “Red Zones” across Kashmir.

An analyst while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “Coming out of lockdown mode is not going to be easy in Kashmir. The COVID-19 curve has not flattened. Not a single day has passed without positive cases being reported from one or other area. People of Kashmir may have to live with the COVID-19 curve for some more time.”

He said, “The COVID-19 has hit Kashmir region very hard. There is no way out other than staying at home. Many of us are aware about the fact that if the pandemic takes an ugly turn our hospitals and other health institutions won’t be able to take the load and it will be a very difficult situation. The countries which had the best health infrastructure have been brought on their knees. So, for us precaution is much better than cure.”

An observer said, “There is consensus in Kashmir that more important at this point of time is to save lives. Economy and other issues can be looked into later.”
He said, “Health experts have issued number of guidelines and directions to keep COVID-19 away. We have to follow these in letter and spirit. This lockdown is likely to continue till the number of cases decline and the areas which have been turned into “Red Zones” become safe for the inhabitants. Even a few health experts have claimed that the COVID-19 may peak in mid of the May. At present only solution appears to be wait and watch.”

Another analyst said, “The guidelines which have been issued by the MHA seem to be aimed at easing the restrictions in the areas which have been declared as safe zones and where no more COVID-19 cases are being reported. It looks likes that the exit plan has been  formulated but its likely to be implemented in phased manner as the COVID-19 threat is very much alive.”