Commissioner SMC seals ATM for Non compliance of Advisory

Commissioner SMC seals ATM for Non compliance of Advisory

Srinagar: Commissioner SMC Gazanfar Ali, along with Health Officer and other senior officers of the Corporation today visited different areas including Khanyar,Lal Bazar,Zaidbal,Alamgari Bazar, and Hazrathbal and inspected ATM’S in the said areas.

On finding these ATM’S not hygienic Gazanfar Ali sealed one ATM in Hazrathbal area for not following advisory earlier issued by the authorities for maintaining hygiene and strictly following precautionary measures in wake of Corona Virus threat.

.Besides this after visiting several branches of JK bank number of bank managers were asked to keep adequate arrangements at ATMs for prevention of Coronovirus and also train the ATM Guards accordingly. Earlier SMC conducted meeting with all the representatives of leading banks on 19.3.2020 and passed on directions that all ATM’S in Srinagar city has to be sanitized.

Special emphasis shall be given for sanitization, fumigation and a recommended chemical spraying (Quaternary Ammonium Chloride).

in and around ATM’S and ATM’s in the absence of guards also needs to be closed down.

All the banks of the City shall be sterilized and sanitized and it is the responsibility of all the employees of the banks to ensure frequent hand washing and use of sanitizes along with wearing of protective masks and some other precautionary and preventive measures was further directed in the meeting.

Also one hardware shop in Lal bazaar near GD Goenka School was found open and He was strictly warned to close down his shop immediately other wise SMC shall go for sealing of his business unit under norms directed Commissioner SMC.

Gazanfar Ali has also requested All the shopkeepers except for the essential commodities service not to open their shops , failing which for non-compliance of orders.(KNS)

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