Vailoo Brang village without electricity, potable water

Aman Malik

Anantnag, Aug 4: Despite tall claims of the government about development of rural areas in Kashmir, village in this famous South-Kashmir tourist resort are devoid of all the basic amenities.
With electricity yet to light their homes potable drinking water still a distant dream; the village reflect a perfect picture of an area forgotten by the authorities.
Chree village have not yet seen the electric-bulb not to mention of electricity while the villagers of Chree say that the electricity was available to them a decade ago but was snapped later for the reasons better known the authorities.
Although the area is known for its fresh water springs, the villagers are devoid of any water supply scheme and the women folk have to cover a long distance to fetch water.
The village don’t have the road facility and if there is any available that is in a dilapidated condition with no transport plying, forcing the villagers to cover the distance to Larnoo on foot.
The residents of Chree, a remote village comprising population of about 5500 people, 30 Kilometers away from Vailoo got puzzled when asked about the electricity facility in their village. “We only see the electricity when we visit other nearby villages,” said Muhammad Jameel Malik, a local.
Residents of Chree village, say that despite being an area which receives no electricity, the government has even failed to provide the solar lights to them.
The villagers say that they are forced to consume the muddy water from the small streams passing through the village as the Public Health Engineering (PHE) has never bothered to provide portable water.
The villagers say that during summers there was an outbreak of water-borne diseases like jaundice and gastroenteritis due to consumption of the filthy water of the streams.