Sacrifices by 1931 martyrs laid foundation for democracy in JK: CPI (M)

Srinagar, Jul 12: Paying rich tributes to July 13, 1931 martyrs, CPI (M) leader Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami has said that the day is to be commemorated as the struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for upholding the values of democracy, social justice and human values.
It is a historic event in J&K state and its significance will remain for future generations as well, Mr Tarigami said in a statement on Friday afternoon.
Unfortunately there are voices which are distorting the significance and role of these martyrs. There is an attempt to portrait the day as an event related to Kashmir only while the fact remains that it laid down the basis for re-structuring the whole society on democratic lines.
He said it is sometime being projected as a movement against Dogras which is also a distortion. Those valiant people fought against autocratic tyranny and laid down their lives for building a new society, free from exploitation and oppression. Their sacrifices contributed in laying down foundations for democracy in the state. Such sacrifices of our heroes should not be allowed to be exploited by vested interests to divide the people on the lines of region, caste and creed.
Tarigami said today when we are passing through a critical stage of our history, the only course left for our advancement remains a united resolve to uphold the banner of unity in diversity.
Any attempt under any pretext to undermine the unity of people of the state must be defeated. Irrespective of our political ideologies, we must maximize our efforts to bridge the gaps between regions and communities. Provocations and divisive approaches have to be rejected, he said.