1931 martyrs sacrificed their lives for laying strong edifice of democracy: Laigaroo

Srinagar, Jul 12: PDP youth secretary Arif Laigaroo has paid glowing tributes to the Martyrs of July 13, 1931 and termed their sacrifices as a golden chapter in the history of Jammu & Kashmir.

He said that brave hearts of 1931 sacrificed their lives for laying a strong edifice of democracy, equality and liberty in the State which ought to be safeguarded, respected and protected by every citizen.

“The best way one can pay homage to these heroes is to develop Jammu & Kashmir as an egalitarian and tolerant society, free from the distinctions of religion, region, caste or creed,” he said adding that these heroes of 1931 had dreamed of a democratic, prosperous and tolerant Jammu & Kashmir for which they even laid their lives. “It’s now our responsibility and challenge to make the State truly a model by strengthening these ideals and guarding them firmly,” Laigaroo said.

The youth leader appealed the people of the State to take a pledge on this day to protect and safeguard the honour and dignity of the State and its people at all costs and not let tyranny and suppression resurface in any form in the State. (KNS)