Victim Compensation Scheme- 2019 approved

Srinagar, Jul 3: The State Administrative Council (SAC) which met here under the chairmanship of Governor, Satya Pal Malik accorded approval to the notification of the Jammu and Kashmir Victim Compensation Scheme- 2019.
The scheme is aimed at providing immediate succor to the victims of various crimes and their families and also to financially help the victim. The scheme is also applicable to the minor victims and compensation shall be awarded in heinous offences like loss of life, gang rape/custodial rape, rape, unnatural sexual assault, loss of limb, grievous physical injury or any mental injury, loss of foetus/miscarriage as a result of assault or loss of fertility, pregnancy on account of rape, victims of burning-disfigurement/injury and victims of acid attack-disfigurement/injury.
Pertinent to mention that the Victim Compensation Scheme of 2013 provided for compensation ranging from Rs 1 lakh to 3 lakh for 8 categories of victims. The Victim Compensation Scheme-2019 provides for compensation to 15 categories along with sub-categories of victims and compensation ranging from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 10 Lakh. The scheme is more inclusive in that it includes two additional heads, viz., death by torture in police custody and injury causing severe mental agony to women and child victims in cases like human trafficking.
There is also a provision for constitution of a Fund, which shall be called the Victims Compensation Fund from which the amount of compensation, as decided by the State Legal Services Authority (SLSA) or District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) shall be paid to the victim or the dependent(s) who have suffered loss or injury as a result of an offence and who require rehabilitation. The Fund shall be operated by SLSA.
A victim or the dependent (s) as the case may be, shall be eligible for grant of compensation under this scheme. However, the compensation received by them in the other schemes shall be taken into account while deciding the quantum of compensation.
The application/recommendations for compensation can be moved either before SLSA or the concerned DLSA or filed online on a portal which shall be created by all SLSAs.
Reforms to streamline functioning of PSUs approved
The State Administrative Council (SAC) approved streamlining of the procedure for procurement of Goods and Services and award of contracts by Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous bodies/Societies and to bring transparency, equity, economy of expenditure and financial propriety.
It is important to point out that most of the public sector undertakings/autonomous bodies/Societies in the State of J&K receive significant financial assistance from the Government. However, there have been issues related to transparency, equity and economy of expenditure in the creation of posts and recruitments which henceforth shall be made with the prior concurrence of the Finance Department. There have also been issues related to award of contracts by these bodies.
With today’s decision, no procurement of goods and services shall be made by the Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous bodies/Societies aided by State Government without following a transparent bidding process. Besides, no contract shall be awarded by Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous Bodies/Societies without following a transparent bidding process.
Further, no new posts shall be created by the Public Sector Undertakings/ Autonomous bodies /Societies without the prior concurrence of Finance Department and no recruitment against vacant posts shall be made by Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous bodies/Societies without the prior concurrence of the Finance Department.
Moreover, no recruitment shall be made by Public Sector Undertaking/ Autonomous Bodies/Societies without following a transparent process including inviting applications through advertisements from eligible candidates, irrespective of class of the posts.
The Finance Department has been directed to issue appropriate instructions to these Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous Bodies/Societies for undertaking necessary amendments in their by-laws / regulations/AoAs as may be required.