Govt to build rehabilitation homes for beggars to stop begging

Srinagar, Jun 30: To discourage and prevent begging by locals and non locals on the roads and streets of the state, the Government is coming up with rehabilitation and counselling homes for beggars, both adults and children.
Official sources said that from the first week of July, social welfare department will build homes for adult beggars while under ICDS program children homes will be built.
Officials said the begging menace has rampantly picked up in the state, particularly in Kashmir as non locals flock to the streets of the valley due to pleasant weather.
Officials said that Street beggars gave a bad impression to tourists and travellers who come to the valley during summer.
“To prevent begging by adults, children and child labour, government will construct homes to rehabilitate and counsel the beggars,” a senior official in social welfare department said.
The official said that the department and ICDS will launch campaign against begging.
“People should discourage begging by giving alms to beggars and should not buy products from children who sell items at bus stops or on road-sides,” the official said. (KNS)