Nishat family demands justice in two decade old killing case

Srinagar, Jun 26: Family members of Ali Mohammad Mir, who was tortured and killed by infamous Ikhwani Papa Kishtiwari and his associates, staged a protest demonstration on his 23rd death anniversary in Press colony in Srinagar demanding justice.
Ali Mohammad Mir was resident of Brein Nishat in Srinagar outskirts.
“We have staged this protest demonstration to remind the world of our struggle for much-awaited justice,” Son of late Mir Zahoor Ahmad told reporters.
Notably, Kishtiwari, a dreaded Ikhwani, has been involved in a series of assassinations and public oppression, is languishing in jail for some time now. Ikhwani is a name given to a dreaded pro-government outfit that operated in Kashmir late nineties to crush militancy in Kashmir.
He said that he has no much hopes of justice and started believing in the saying ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’.
He appealed the international and justice local bodies to kindly work for “DNA testing of 2156 unmarked Graves” approved by state Human Rights Commission (SHRC).
Coincidently June 26 is observed as ‘International Day in Support of Victims of Torture’.