GCC asks GoI to extend deadline for additions, alterations


Srinagar, Jun 23: The Group of Concerned Citizens (GCC), Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday impressed upon the Government Of India (GoI) to extend the deadline for suggesting additions and alterations to the draft National Policy on Education, 2019, publicized, prominently, in the print and electronic media.
A statement issued by Group of Concerned Citizens, Jammu and Kashmir reads:
‘Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, had uploaded the draft National Education Policy 2019 on its website, on May 31, 2019, and invited comments and suggestions from the public till June 30, 2019.
The draft policy immediately attracted controversy since certain clauses in it sought to impose a three-language rule in schools with Hindi being made compulsory. There are many other recommendations in the draft policy, which have far reaching implications on the concurrent status of education and it’s process. This calls for detailed deliberations by wider sections of society whose lives will be affected by the proposed changes in the draft policy. Moreover, since the draft is available only in English and Hindi there is not enough time to engage in discussions in local languages as is required for more participatory policy making on the part of stakeholders, on the draft policy.
The Group of Concerned Citizens (GCC), J&K, feels that the time of one month, allowed for making comments on the draft policy, is too little. The Group feels that the Government of India should extend the date by at least one month, if not more, beyond June 30, 2019.
GCC is comprised of civil society members, across communities and regions, including jurists, former civil servants academicians, journalists, businessmen and social activists.’ (KNS)