Mayor SMC issues directions over building violations

Srinagar, Jun 17: To curb illegal constructions and keep continuous monitoring on sanctioned building permissions in Srinagar city, Mayor Srinagar Junaid Azeem Mattu directed Commissioner SMC to seek written statements from all ward officers and co signed by concerned building inspectors affirming that there are no current building violations in their jurisdiction that haven’t been taken up for relevant corrective action as per legal norms.
Commissioner SMC has also been directed to seek such statements bi- weekly and in the interim period if any contradiction is found on the ground, the ward officers and building inspectors will be liable for stringent, effective and severe administrative action.
“All the permissions allotted by SMC in the last two years as well as all permissions (residential and renovation classification that fall on road lines and road fronts are to be analysed and compared with on ground deviation from norms,” said Junaid Mattu.
He further emphasized that in case where there is obvious connivance between the planning wing, the enforcement wing and field staff, a list is to be prepared to be submitted to Housing and Urban Development Department, enforcement and accountability agencies for appropriate action.
An order vide order no SMC /PS/HM 612_18 dated 17.6.19 has also been issued by Mayor to the Commissioner SMC which reads as, “You are advised to immediately initiate the sealing of all under construction buildings that are deviating from permission norms granted by Competent Authority, Enforcement action to follow suit. Errant field staff, found guilty of brazen connivance and violation of duty to be recommended for termination of services to the Housing Department promptly.”
Meanwhile Deputy Mayor Shiekh Imran has appealed to public in general not to resort to any sought of illegal constructions.
The applicants who also have building permissions for both commercial and residential permission are requested not to make any deviation in their sanctioned building permissions or violate master plan.
“Such illegal or deviated constructions lead to unplanned haphazard growth of city with the result traffic jams, choking of pedestrians space, encroachment on road sides and other issues becomes a major problem,” said Deputy Mayor Shiekh Imran
He has also directed building permission section of SMC to issue hassle free and time bound permissions.
Any complaint from the applicant facing unnecessary troubles from any official while facilitating file will be taken into consideration and such erring officials will be taken to task said Deputy Mayor. (KNS)