Issues faced by Kashmiris

Beg appeals Kashmiri leadership to speak in one voice

Srinagar, May 31: Senior PDP leader and former Lok Sabha Member, Dr Mehboob Beg has appealed to the Kashmiri leadership to speak-out in one voice over the issues faced by the common Kashmiri. We need to understand that rhetoric will not help us achieve anything, the leadership (Separatist and mainstream) needs to understand the situation we find ourselves in. Issuing grand statements which are mostly rhetorical in nature have never served any purpose, one needs to understand that the political solution to Kashmir needs an approach laced with negotiating skills, reconciliatory skills, perseverance and utmost patience. None of the ‘pleasing statements’ issued time and again by our leadership have helped us achieve much. We need a comprehensive plan and could definitely speak in one voice to sort-out the day to day problems of the common man, without making any compromises on the larger issue.
What stops us from taking-up issues with regard to opening-up of roads to ensure smooth trade and more human contact? A booming business is in everybody’s interests, nobody should have a problem if our economy gets a much-needed boost. We must get together and ensure that the Kashmiri craftsmanship does not die, the abundant talent must get its due, the horticulture/floriculture must boom like before. The political solution of Kashmir is a long drawn process and needs no compromise at our end, but it does not mean that we lose sight on the day to day issues faced by the people. It is high-time that we look at the immediate concerns of the people as well and pursue with the government of India to get the best possible results. I hope that none of the leaders have any hitch in agreeing to this and that we can make a collective effort in ensuring the very basics are met as we keep an eye on the larger issue.
The PDP in the recently conducted PAC meeting endorsed the need for addressing these issues on an urgent basis while striving relentlessly for achieving the permanent solution of the Kashmir issue, I hope the other parties/leaders join us in this endeavour.