Lab technician cheats patients in SDH Pattan

Marki Aadil

Pattan: A Lab Technician has cheated many patients in Sub-district Hospital (SDH) Pattan.
According to reports, a person namely Ab. Hamid Sofi who was with a patient namely Muskan was advised by doctors for some medical tests. When he went in the lab for necessary tests the technician posted there told him that you don’t have to pay fee for test on counter and asked him to pay to him and gave him a receipt with correction (receipt no. 37893) which made him suspicious.
The same receipt number was cut on 28 May and in the name of Wahida for 20 rupees. Lab technician had changed the name of the patient from Wahida into Muskan and turned 20 rupees into 200 rupees.
Many other patients in Sub District Hospital Pattan also narrated the same story.
When Precious Kashmir contacted BMO Pattan Dr. Shakeel-ur-Rehman, he immediate sealed the receipt register book and said that he will look into matter and action will be taken against the technician if found guilty.