JKPM calls for release of Sarjan Barkati

Shehla Rashid visits family of detainee at Shopian

Shopian, May 30: Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Movement General Secretary Shehla Rashid Thursday visited Sarjan Barkati’s home in Reban village of Shopian district.
She met the family members and took note of their situation, as they have been suffering since the arrest of their father in October, 2016.
Shehla Rashid demanded the release of Sarjan Barkati, as he has been incarcerated without any grounds or evidence.
Seeking his release, Shehla Rashid said, “Sarjan Barkati has not done anything more than participating in processions at a time when entire Kashmir was out on streets. Keeping him in prison for such a long time without any evidence of a crime is against natural justice, and JKPM calls for his urgent release ahead of Eid.”
“Sarjan Barkati is a good orator, an artist and a good father. He has not committed any heinous crime. As a political prisoner, he deserves to be reunited with his family, at least on the auspicious ocassion of Eid,” she said.
Earlier, party president, Dr. Shah Faesal had called for his release saying that, “it is high time that Sarjan Barkati is released”. Dr. Shah Faesal today said that, “the release of Sarjan Barkati can send a positive message to people across Kashmir that democratic rights are respected. One shouldn’t be arrested for mere speeches.”
After meeting the family, Shehla Rashid said that, “Sarjan Barkati used to guide his children in their studies. Now, there is no one to guide them in their studies at home.” She praised his wife Shabroza Barkati for the good upbringing of their children – Azan and Sugrah Barkati – and wished them all the best for their future. Earlier last week, Shehla Rashid had successfully intervened to get the father of a pellet victim from Handew village in Shopian released. (KNS)