Locals protest against R&B Deptt for laying substandard macadam in Sultanpora Pattan

Marki Aadil

Pattan, May 28: Locals on Monday were up in arms against R&B department and contractor for laying substandard macadam on road in Sultanpora Pattan.
As per locals, the work on road in Tabailbal area of Sultanpora Pattan was done by the R&B department but after one week later it became difficult for people to walk on it.
Residents of area told Precious Kashmir that the area has often remained far from the government schemes. After the long period of time R&B department had started work on the road but due to the dominance of contractor the material which was used on the road got up and people were not able to walk on it. The mud and water on roads due to rains had created a problem for locals.
After road became unable to walk the locals themselves removed the material which was laid on the road.
Now, the locals have appealed the concerned department to look into the matter at the earliest.