Kashmiri pickles see surge in demand during Ramadhan

Srinagar, May 26: Demand of pickles is witnessing a great surge in Kashmir valley, during the ongoing sacred month of Ramadhan when Muslims observe fast from dawn to dusk.
Though tongue-tickling pickles are an integrated part of Kashmir’s eating habits and are in demand throughout the year, it doubles during the holy month, consumers said.
Standing at a famous pickle shop here, a customer said, “Pickles of different tastes and ingredients are preferred for Sheri ritual which is observed by the devout Muslims at dawn and Iftar at dusk.”
Local markets in Srinagar and other parts of the valley are flooded with a wide range of pickles. Every other provision store has set up special stalls selling pickles to cater to Rozadars’ demands.
There are more than 70 varieties of pickles available in the market but there are some leading traders who sell up to 100 varieties.
Ghulam Qadir Senoo, a shopkeeper, claims to have more than 100 varieties of pickles including non-vegetarian pickles.
Vegetarian pickles include that of lemon, ginger, carrot, radish and gram.
Chicken pickle costs Rs 400 a kilogram, fish pickle is priced at Rs 300 per kilogram while varieties of pickles are sold for around Rs 150 per kilogram.
“Chicken pickle takes two months to prepare, fish takes one and half months and vegetable pickles take almost one month. We have to put in a great effort to prepare these,” pickle seller Senoo said.